A common misconception about SoCal and the west coast in general is the near certainty that everyday is filled with warm, beautiful sunshine.  The sun part?  True.  The warm part?  Not so much.  I can’t quite tell how many square feet this house is but just know this:  The walls are paper thin; the owner’s a cheapskate; and the “heat” that does kick on seems to only come out of one duct on the first floor by the ping pong table.  All that means is once the sun goes down, and the night air gets chilly, so do we.  I’ve never seen more people walk around indoors with hoodies and jogging pants on than I have since I’ve moved here.

Dishes, well, they don’t really get washed.  At least not when you need them to.  The real forks get horded, stored in people’s rooms for safekeeping (not really, they’re all just selfish assholes.  Probably.) I keep a stash of plastic ones in a blue tub in a closet under the staircase.  (GOD, I wish I could imagine shit this odd.)  The current “house manager” (i.e. jobless resident who supplements rent with chores) is in San Diego so now the trash isn’t getting taken out either.

There are random movie posters all over the walls, fully framed and prominently placed.  But, there’s no rhyme or reason to any of it.  We have “Bride Wars”, “War”, “Deja Vu” and some old 60’s joint, the name of which escapes me.

The lights have been halved in every area possible.  Meaning, well, let’s take the large bathroom for example.  It’s around 300 sq. feet on it’s own, fucking huge.  Supported by two lights, one in the shower, one in the dead center of the room.  The one near the sink has been “disabled”. Problem with that?  You can’t see ANYthing happening in the mirror.  Shaving?  Nope.  Trimming your nose hair?  Nope.  Want to know where the pimples are to put your acne cream on?  Better have a flashlight app on your phone. (Of which I’ve made good use lately.)

Two people have moved in after me and in a few short breaths two more are moving out within the next 10 days.  It’s gonna be odd, however long I’m here, getting used to making connections with folks whose lives hang by the same tenuous threads as mine.  As quickly as they go, so could I………………….