Ok, I had a pretty bad week last week.  Nate Washington, a lock against Indy?  Not so much.  Did anyone see Mike Sims-Walker sitting out last week? (At least he got some!)  Or how about Derrick Mason laying a big, fat goose egg?  No and no.  And it’s not like this week’s predictions (guesses) are gonna be any easier.  And that’s what makes fantasy sports worth playing.  One week your Nostradamus, the next your Mel Kiper (Really, does anyone get paid MORE money to be wrong on a yearly basis?).  

So this week, as with all weeks, remember the picks here are relative to you and your team.  If you have a better option and you know it, ignore what I say.  Never sit a stud for a one week flyer!

Jets D-  The Bills offense laid an egg last week at home against an awful Browns team and this week they’re on the road against a blitz happy Jets squad.  I expect the Jets to post decent stats in sacks and passing yards allowed. 
Randy Moss-  The stretch run of tough defenses ends this week as the Patriots get the league’s 2nd worst unit against the pass.  Expect Moss to approach his projections and maybe even go above them. 
Kellen Winslow-  Winslow is the number one option for a terrible pass offense in a week where they play the number two pass defense.  I still like the inexperienced QB Johnson to look for him enough to make Winslow a must start.
Santana Moss-  He won’t approach the crazy numbers of Miles Austin from a week ago, but he is the ‘Skins number one receiver, which makes him a must play against the Chiefs.
Bernard Berrian-  He’s the team leader in targets and the way you defeat Baltimore is through the air. 

Broncos D-  San Diego’s offense has too much potential to start the Broncos D against them in San Diego on a Monday night.  Three legitimate big play threats in Gates, Jackson and Sproles are enough to scare me away from using the Broncos this week.
Joe Flacco-  Another one of my hunches.  Teams watch game tape of their opponent from the prior week.  And if the Vikings are as smart as I think they are then they saw what Cincy did to Flacco and will attempt to recreate it. 
Brian Westbrook-  Yes they have a great matchup against the putrid Raiders, but until he proves himself healthy, LeSean McCoy is going to steal enough of his chances to make Westbrook a risky start.
Derrick Ward/Cadillac Williams-  I think I’ll reserve one spot for the worst RB platoon each week.  Ward and Williams have looked some combination of awful, hurt, or incompetent each week since week 2.  Leave these guys on the bench until something gives.


Jermichael Finley- Of the two Packer tight ends Finley seems to be getting more of the big play, downfield chances, with Donald Lee relegated to a possession type receiver.  Against a bottom five passing D, FInley could sneak up on some folks.
Braylon Edwards-  Jericho Cotchery is still hurting and may not play, giving Edwards another chance to vulture some big play opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been his. 
Matt Hasselbeck-  Seattle plays well at home and this week they get an Arizona defense ranked last in passing YPG allowed.
Jeremy Maclin-  I don’t think there’s any doubt as to his ability, or to the fact that he has an excellent matchup against Oakland.  The only question is Kevin Curtis.  If Maclin has indeed taken Curtis’ reps then you want him as a must start this week.  Keep track all the way up until game time to make sure.

Derrick Anderson-  I have no stats to back this up, only a hunch.  The guy playing behind him is close to being run out of town.  He faces his team’s biggest rival, with absolutely no expectations of a victory, let alone a quality performance.  All this adds up to a dangerous man, one who’ll sling the ball like he’s Brett Favre in a Wrangler commercial.