Kia Hanna #91047
Release Date- 5-1-2010
“I’m a little bit country and a lot of rock-n-roll!  I’m vivacious, energetic, witty, yet lonely.  Transplanted from the lush Texas soil to the avid desert of Nevada.  I’m looking for that certain someone who can make me… BLOOM AGAIN!  Let’s 2-step together.  The sky’s the limit…unless you count the stars!”

    Ericka Hitchcock #X08362
Release Date- 11-4-2041

I’ve been incarcerated since the age of 17, and it has changed my entire outlook on life.  I’m seeking true friendship, companionship, and overall positivity.  I think a free and gentle spirit would best describe me.  Hopefully you are someone who wont judge me on my past, and instead embrace the young lady I really am inside.  I just want someone who is wiling to write and get to know me for me.  I love music and love to dance.  I enjoy sports and am very athletic, so I’m in pretty good shape.  I’m intrigued with intellectual topics, but at times I can be silly.  If I sound like someone you’d like as a new friend, write to me and I’ll be sure to respond.”  

Jasmine Moore-Grant #X-19798
Release Date- 11-3-2011 
“My name is Jasmine, as you already know, I’m 24.  I’m lonely and in search of a real man for friendship, companionship, and possibly more.  It doesn’t matter if you’re older, must be stable in all ways, a kind, and caring individual.  I’m honest, sincere, easygoing, and love to learn new things.  I also live the simple things in life: romance, hugs, shopping, traveling, love, etc.  I love laughing and making others laugh.  I love to have fun!! 
Let’s get to know one another.  Must be serious and willing to commit eventually.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.”
Dericka Clark #1274994
Release Date- 2013 (estimate)  
“I’m seeking a kind hearted friend who enjoys life and truly wants to be happy, who wants to love, and sincerely be loved for the person they are.  Outward appearances aren’t important, I feel they don’t lead to ultimate happiness, and are not a sustaining factor in a serious, long lasting, wonderful friendship. 
I’m a very positive person, I look on the bright side of every situation.  I love to smile, I love to live.  I know what I want in life, I’m human though, I’ve made some mistakes.  I will relocate.”
Tonya Green #X13769
Release Date- 01-2014
“I don’t really have a preference as to who or what kind of person responds.  I’m basically searching for friendship and a companion.  I’ve been incarcerated since 2005 and still have a few years left.  This is why I’m reaching out to you.  I’m hoping for someone who is not judgmental and wants to help a friend get through some rough times.  I am a little shy, but only until I get comfortable.  I love to laugh and have a very good sense of humor.  I love to learn new things and I’m very open minded.  Well, I’m supposed to keep this brief, so I hope I’ve sparked enough curiosity in you to write.”   
Roseann Castillo #1471779
Release Date- 10-5-2011 
“I’m seeking friendship from responsible and dependable people, men who enjoy life as much as I do.  I enjoy life so much that my adventurous ways caught up with me.  I do regret some things I have done, like leaving my family to be responsible for my responsibilities.  But I don’t regret all the things I have done.  It is who I am and I love the woman I have become.  Without my experiences, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  Life is beautiful and I will soon enjoy life once again.  Lots of laughs, enjoy!”  

Nikki Tarver #32952-077
Release Date- 6-2010 with good time, 2-22-2011 max date  
“Seeking a friendship with a special someone.  I’m open to relocate, must be able to travel to Ft. Worth for contact visits.  I’m single, and desire a distinguished gentleman that possesses a heart willing to grow fond for a lady of class, intelligence, and beauty.  One that will comfort and mentally stimulate you.  I’m a nonsmoker, nor do I indulge with drugs and alcohol.  Disease free.  Uninhibited, adventurous, affectionate, one that loves to please my mate. 
If you are consistent, commitment oriented, serious, honest, financially grounded, nonjudgmental, and morally supportive, please forward me a bio and a picture.” 
Alma Baltazar #W93812
Release Date- 10-2011
“Loveable, playful, feisty Latina with just the precise spices to brighten your life.  Sitting here with the end of my time nearing, waiting to fulfill dreams of my own true love.  I need the support of true friends and in this group of friends I know you’ll stand out amongst the crowd, catch my attention, and together we can grow and comfort one another.  It has been a long time since someone has romanticized me, pampered and spoiled me, or just proven to me that I’m all that they see when they close their eyes and feel from within.” 
Alisha Parker #1302616
Release Date- 2021, eligible for parole 1-2010 
“Unlikely hot girl:  A fallen star, who, like the rest of you, is trying to figure it all out and nail that elusive secret to happiness.  A fallen star that will soon shine again.  Many people mistake lust for love, when love is a state of being, not a state of feeling.  This is an invitation to come “be” with me, as my friend first.   I want a man who has his own, who shows me that he cares deeply about the trajectory of his own life and desires to be successful.  I need someone who can support my dreams and teach me new things and grow with me.  The man of my dreams may be a combination of everything.  Expectations get in the way, but my bar is set high on standards.  You must be trustworthy, honest, driven, family oriented, and loving.  Everything I am!”
Elena Turner #14405053
Release Date- 11-4-2010 
“Hi guys, my name is Elena.  I have long, beautiful black hair, and dark chocolate almond eyes.  I’m looking for postal love and support from around the world.  I am in need of good humor and friends to keep me laughing.  I love sporting events, and have an upbeat personality.  I am an animal and nature lover.  I like my friends soft and sincere, sweet and sexy.  If you fit this description, write me and we can share our hopes and dreams together.  Tell me about yourself.”