Nate Washington- Scored in three straight and the Titans are going to have to throw to keep up with Indy.  If you got him, start him and if you don’t, get him.       
Vernon Davis- I initially had Vernon Davis down as a “Sit” this week.  But then I realized how bad the Falcons are against the run, how bad they are against the pass and also the fact that Davis has four red zone targets this season.  So, um, yeah, he might do pretty good tomorrow.  (And for those saying “But Vernon Davis doesn’t run the ball”, remember, the run sets up the pass.)
Glen Coffee- Remember the part where the Falcons can’t stop the run?  Couple that with the fact that the 49ers offense is 15th in rushing YPG and Coffee seems like a lock for close to twenty points.
Nate Burleson- Plays well at home, plus he gets Hasslebeck throwing to him again this week.
Mike Sims-Walker-  Seattle’s D is 17th in passing YPG and Sims-Walker seems to be Garrard’s favorite target at this point.  You have to go with the hot hand, and there have been few hotter than Sims-Walker these past few weeks.


Steve Smith (CAR)-  His value is tied entirely to Delhomme’s ability to find him.  Until his QB gets his act together, bench Smith unless better options escape you.

Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson-  The Bills offense stinks right now.  Sure, there’s a chance they could run up the score on a pretty bad Browns team, but knowing which of these guys will do the most damage is nigh impossible at this point.  Avoid starting either guy until a clear front runner emerges. 

Eli Manning-  He might post decent stats, but surely won’t go big enough to win your game for you.  Once they get up, and up they will get, they’re going to go to Jacobs and Bradshaw to milk the clock.  Plus, there is always the risk of a recurrence of the heel injury from last week.

Pats Defense-  Too much lost talent from last year to now, too many injuries to be a reliable start.  The worst part of this matchup is that they’re former offensive coordinator knows these guys well enough to exploit their weak spots and exploit McDaniel will. 

David Garrard-  I expect both defenses to struggle here, making a shootout quite likely.  Jacksonville passes well enough to take advantage of the matchup.  
Mohamed Massaquoi, Jerome Harrison-  The Browns have effectively re-started training camp, going with a new QB, WR and RB all in the past three weeks.  They need to see what these new/old toys can do, so expect them to be force fed the chance to suck as their predecessors once did. (Garbage points are points nonetheless.)
Jabar Gaffney- Facing his former team and backed by a coaching staff that knows the Pats very well, I like Gaffney as Orton’s safety net this week.

Brandon Pettigrew-  With Stafford nursing a knee injury, Duante Culpepper gets the start.  Rookie/Mediocre/Bad QB’s tend to use the Tight End as a crutch and Culpepper isn’t a Rookie or mediocre, so throw to Pettigrew he will.

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