You Should Be Angling For…………….

 Tashard Choice and Matt Forte

Everyone and their momma knows that they should be trying to acquire the only, truly healthy piece of a rushing attack that has gone for more than 400 yards the last two weeks, so we’ll call Tashard Choice kind of a no brainer pick up this week.  But, try working a deal for the Bears’ Matt Forte.  No need to run all of his stats from this year, he’s been awful.  I’ll just drop one on you instead: He touched the ball 27 times last week.  Considering we know what his production ceiling is you have to figure that a consistent string of performances that include 25 attempts/receptions can and will lead to bigger and better things.  If you have the spare parts to do it, steal Forte from an impatient, irrational owner.

You Should Be Benching…………………..

Bernard Berrian and Andre Johnson

Considering where these guys were drafted in most leagues this is gonna be a tough pill for some to swallow.  But think about this:  In 9 games against the Packers, Berrian is averaging less than two catches per game, with only one touchdown.  Ever!  Andre Johnson has it even worse, as he becomes the latest high flyer to go up against Nnamdi Asomugha.  Johnson’s ceiling for this game sits somewhere near his 3 catch, 50 yard average against the Raiders, but the potential for a pitfall is too great to take that risk.  Look at last season’s 2 catch, 19 yard stinker as proof.  If you don’t have better options, then by all means give em a go.  But don’t be surprised if you lose by the amount these guys should have contributed.

You Should Be Starting…………….

Bengals Defense and Julian Eddleman/Wes Welker

The Bengals D has played with some kinda chip on their shoulder all season and with the awful, awful Cleveland Browns up next, they’re worth at least a spot start this week.  Unless you have a premier defense already in place, swap out your mediocre squad for the Bengals this week. 

Don’t be fooled by the “resurgence” of Fred Taylor.  No way the Patriots commit to as many runs this week against the excellent Baltimore defense.  Instead, look for the two headed monster of Eddleman/Welker to produce their usual stat line.  Whichever one of these guys is healthy and starting is the guy to go with, as the Pats love to use them as the main alternative when running the ball proves too tough.

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