Those were the words said to Ryan Atwood, lead character on “The O.C.”, as he entered his first Orange County house party.  And while I had been in Southern California for several days by the time we went, it was a trip to Venice Beach that brought me into a darkside of my very own.  There were junkies, jugglers, gangbangers, milfs, bodybuilders, tourists, break dancers and even a film crew. 

For those that know me, I’m no stranger to the camera.  I’ve been interviewed for the news close to a dozen times and when I sit in the fancy seats at sports stadiums the camera guys always seem to find the “average, non threatening negro” to show off to the rest of the crowd.  So it came as no surprise that this film crew on Venice Beach wanted to get a word with me and the people I was with.  The rest of the video is pretty self explanatory.  Enjoy!