I have been on the west coast for the better part of two weeks now and I decided “Fuck complacency, I’m gonna write some shit!”  (Excuse me for devolving into my default “hood” voice.)  I left behind a lot of things, I left alot of people and most of all I left myself.  Ever since somewhere around the fifth grade I’ve been the kind of guy who “packs it in early.”  I showed up to the park late and I was outta the door before the game even ended.  I haven’t tried to be great, or even come close to realizing my true potential for almost 16 years now.  It was time for a change.

So to the opposite side of the country I flew.  The area of Southern California has all the ingredients I need to make myself into who and what I want to be.  It has the school (Cal Sate Fullerton), the weather (having asthma in a midwestern winter blows), but most of all it has, or should I say doesn’t have, you.  No offense to anyone one person in particular, but there was never going to be any growth in myself if I continued to surround myself with people who only saw me a certain way.  The baby brother, the class clown, the friend who needs a ride everywhere, the underachiever without his degree. 

This is as much a quest to get an education and prepare to earn a living as it is a quest for self realization.  So, to those who didn’t/never/still don’t believe I’m worth a damn, this blog isn’t/wasn’t ever/won’t be for you.  To those that have lent their unending support to this great mission, I say thanks and I hope I don’t let you down. 

In the meantime let this be a space for comedy, music reviews, random musings and the occasional Tom Brady post.  Hitch your wagon to the bus now, cuz once it’s left the station, it’s gone for good!