The Songs of the Year 2008

So here we are, at the end of my awards. The song of the year started back in 1995. I was a chubby kid (Read: fat) who had nothing better to do during the evening than watch Simon Rex on MTV. From that small exposure to the world of music, I’ve since made it a year long pursuit of mine to find the best new, exciting, thought provoking, angry, upbeat tracks from all corners of the globe. I began commemorating the year’s best in CD form back in the winter of 2001. With the limited amount of space provided (700 MB or 80 Min., whichever comes first.) I restricted that first year’s disc to only 18 songs. It became a tradition, much like a pro sports league only allows a certain amount of teams in its post-season. So here I will list the top 17 songs from 2008, with the 18th song being the year of 2007’s best undiscovered track.

Song of the Year



For all of the accolades I heap upon artists year after year, Beck came into 2008 having yet to win any of them. It was with no shock that he released a quality CD this year, but upon first listen I noticed something had changed. Even with the fact that I go into every Beck disc not knowing what to expect, this new sound caught me off guard. There was a very good reason for that. On 2008’s Modern Guilt, Beck teamed with Danger Mouse (one half of Gnarls Barkley) to produce the catchiest collection of conspiracy theory songs to date. “Chemtrails” is the standout in the bunch. (I’ll direct you all here for the explanation of what a “Chemtrail” is, isn’t or might be.) The song combines the melodies of a soft voiced Beck with the absolutely fantastic drums that Danger Mouse lays behind them. The full effect is not unlike a roller coaster ride, as Beck lulls you into a false sense of safety, while the drums are hell bent on making your heart leap from your chest. The Song of the Year 2008 manages to make paranoia cool, like it was 1957 all over again.

The Songs of the Year 2008:

  • 1. Chemtrails, by Beck
  • 2. The Escapist, by The Streets
  • 3. Creator, by Santogold
  • 4. Re-Education Through Labor, by Rise Against
  • 5. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, by Vampire Weekend
  • 6. When Cold Air Goes To Sleep, by The Radar Bros.
  • 7. Detroit ’67, by Sam Roberts
  • 8. L.E.S. Artistes, by Santogold
  • 9. Dancing Choose, by TV On the Radio
  • 10. Rising Up, by The Roots
  • 11. Home, by Gym Class Heroes
  • 12. The Day That Never Comes, by Metallica
  • 13. Death To Los Campesinos!, by Los Campesinos!
  • 14. Golden Age, by TV On The Radio
  • 15. Pretty Buildings, by People In Planes
  • 16. Dead Memories, by Slipknot
  • 17. Hit The Wall, by Brendan Canning
  • 18. Black Mags, by The Cool Kids
  • Thanks to all those that have read, I might end up doing this once a month. Let me know what you think, and I hope that at least one of you has decided to try something new based on what I’ve said. There are few things I find more fun in than finding new music. Who’s the next “Vampire Weekend“? I can’t wait to find out!!!