Santogold“, By Santogold

Album of the Year, 2008

I’ve sat on this award for two days, unable to make a decision. And ultimately what it came down to is that this is a record I would’ve wanted to make. Former record executive Santi White mixes indie rock, R&B, and hip-hop on her debut album like she has an identity crisis. This marks her first solo effort, as her last two discs were as the lead singer of the punk rock group Stiffed. She’s written tracks for Ashlee Simpson, and toured with M.I.A. and Coldplay. With a track record like that it becomes easier to understand how one artist can hop from genre to genre on the same disc. The single most impressive part about Santogld is that she sounds authentic on each and every one of them. (Plus, when I saw her in concert last year, she pointed right at me during the bridge of L.E.S. Artistes “.)

Santi White, A.K.A. Santogold

For a taste of her versatility take a listen to the original version of You’ll Find A Way and the remix found as the last song on the CD. The Cd was too pop the be hip-hop, and too hip-hop to be rock. Its got something for everyone, capable of opening doors for your ears to try new sounds. In my mind, the music of the year 2008 will be defined by the crashing of barriers. No longer is a certain type of sound reserved for a certain type of artist. The match lit by M.I.A. on 2007’s Kala, has now grown into a full fledged, call “Smokey the Bear” forest fire thanks to Santi.

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