The Escapist, by The Streets

Rap Song of the Year

A common joke about Mike Skinner, who performs under the moniker of “The Streets“, is that he’s Britain’s best rapper, because he’s their only rapper. Yes, there are other hip-hop acts across the pond, but make no mistake, Skinner does outclass them all. This marks the second time Skinner has earned the Rap Song of the Year, with the first coming on the strength of 2004’s “Fit, But You Know It“.

Mike Skinner, A.K.A. The Streets

Skinner’s best quality is his ability to craft a story in his music. At times he’s capable of weaving through several different points of view in a single song, while other times choosing to focus on a single character or idea. He employs the latter method in “The Escapist” to tell the story of an ambiguous being, a ghost, a type of spirit. The song is pure poetry. Skinner breaks down the simplest of life’s pleasures as his protagonist reflects on things lost. There’s so many vivid images to take away from this track I recommend putting it on repeat until they sink in. Britain’s best lyricist demands that type of attention.