This was such a big hit the first time I ran it that I decided to bring over to the main blog as well.  Some pundits credited the “25 Things” fad as being the final tipping point in the Facebook Vs. Myspace page click war.  I like to think my retarded but helped a great deal!

1. I pick the dead skin from the backs of my heels every other week with a small pocket knife.

2. I punch doors as a way of coping with difficult situations. (I have since extended the punching to include bathroom stalls, sorry IHOP.)

3. I manscape. (i.e. I shave my pubic hair.)

4. When I overheat I get tiny bumps on the back of my neck and the insides of my forearms.

5. As I’ve said on here before, I probably have had, still do, or will have a crush on your girlfriend.

6. I get jealous really easily.

7. I’ve been on 6 dates. Ever.

8. I kissed one girl. Ever.

9. I used to weigh 275 lbs. I am very self-conscious as a result.

10. I get nervous in situations where I don’t think I fit in.

11. I do a body-builder pose EVERY time I look into a mirror when my shirt is off.

12. I bought a chocolate scented teddy bear for a girl for Valentine’s day 2 years ago.

13. I still own the bear. 😦

14. I take on the personality of the main character from whatever movie I just got done watching for at least 5 hours after.

15. The Bee Gees Live From San Francisco was the 3rd CD I ever owned.

16. I broke my nose on a foul tip my senior year of high school, and enjoyed every ounce of blood lost.

17. I was at one point and time one of the top 32 players in the world on Rockstar’s Table Tennis video game.

18. I started watching and reading porn on the same day.

19. The psychiatrist who told my mom I was ok when was 10 was WAAAAAAYYYYY off!

20. I get lonely. A lot of times it’s self induced to prevent myself from being hurt. Other times it’s cuz people lie and don’t want me around.

21. When I leave town, I’ll secretly miss all of you, no matter what I write or say.

22. I was the smelly kid in class till I was 12.

23. I get my temper from my dad.

24. The first time I cut my own hair was also the same night O.J. was arrested.

25. I think about how much I miss “The O.C.” everyday.